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All their favorite Sesame Street characters…

This online Sesame Street store is the best place to find Sesame Street toys, clothing, games, DVDs, books, party decorations, wall art, school supplies and tons more! Most of their Sesame Street merchandise can be personalized so you can give a gift that will mean something truly special for many years to come!

Discover this one stop shop for all items PBS KIDS characters. From books and DVDs to toys and party supplies, playtime has never been more educational and adventurous.

PBS Kids is the #1 trusted educational brand on television.  Let them bring you programs that nurture the minds and spirits of children, while encouraging them to have fun exploring the world around them.

What’s even more, you can make a difference!  With every purchase on the PBS KIDS site, a portion will go to support educational programming that will continue to shape the minds of young ones everywhere!  And, at check out, you’ll have an additional opportunity to help the growth of public television. You can round up the amount of your purchase to the nearest dollar and that donation will go towards funding the future development of PBS educational programming and services. Just a little bit can truly go a long way.

PBS is America’s largest classroom, and they strive to help all children, including those who can’t attend preschool.  Get this educational media that helps prepare your child for success in school. PBS Kids Shop is the #1 source of media content for preschool teachers and parents with content proven to improve critical literacy skills in young children.


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