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Have You Found It Difficult or Impossible to Quit Smoking,

No Matter What You Try?

quit smoking

Have you tried everything you can possibly think of to quit smoking?  Nicotine patches, prescription pills, cold turkey, acupuncture, but with no success? Do you feel like no matter what you do you just can’t get rid of that craving for a cigarette?  Maybe you have quit for months, or even years, but never truly got over the desire to smoke. You felt like a smoker who wasn’t smoking just waiting to see how long you could ‘hold out,’ until eventually you caved and went back to smoking.

Whether you’re desperate to quit, or just feel like you ‘need’ to quit smoking, what you probably really want is to not WANT to smoke anymore.  You just want toquit smoking live a normal life, without being miserable and depressed because you’re not smoking.  You want to feel like a NON-smoker, not like a smoker who is just refraining from smoking.

One of the most important things you should know is that when people can’t quit smoking, it’s not because they are ‘weak’, or don’t have enough ‘willpower.’ It usually just means they haven’t had access to the right tools to deal with the psychological aspects of quitting.  Now, there is help, real help!

The Complete Quit System works to eliminate the desire to smoke because it deals explicitly with the psychological side of the addiction.  The principles used by this program are universal in a similar way. It takes advantage of the universal nature of psychological principles like classical conditioning, experiential learning, and grief processing to create a process that applies to every human being. Exercises and procedures are then developed to tailor these principles to fit your specific circumstances – so you end up with a program that works for you.

Simple Step-by-Step Program

Although this program is based on some relatively complex cognitive science, the step-by-step nature of this program means you don’t have to understand all of that cognitive science for the program to work for you. So as long as you follow the simple instructions, it will work whether you understand the underlying psychological principles or not.

How does it work

quit smokingThe course consists of a program manual/workbook, combined with e-mail and phone support. The program itself is divided into three segments, and is part structured, part self-paced. Here’s how it works:

  1. Get Ready to Quit
  2. Step-by-Step to Quit Day
  3. Segment 3: After You Quit

Throughout the program unlimited e-mail support is available to you. Anytime you have a question, need help applying a technique, or simply want a sympathetic ear, you can e-mail Dr. Sykes and expect a helpful response within 24 hours. You also have the option of scheduling a one-on-one phone call with Dr. Sykes for help with anything that arises that may be too challenging to address over e-mail.


You will learn a lot about yourself and your smoking habit and experiencing things in new ways. These new experiences are the key to training your brain to respond in different ways, automatically and effortlessly.  You can expect that…quit smoking

  • Cigarette Cravings Will Fade Away
  • Withdrawal Symptoms Will Be Minimal
  • Feelings of Anger, Depression, Emptiness and Deprivation Go Away
  • No Need to Gain Weight

When you order today, you will get…

  1. The Step-by-Step Program Manual/Workbook
  2. Unlimited E-mail Support
  3. One-hour Phone Consultation
  4. The Guarantee – an unconditional 12-month guarantee.  If you are not satisfied, simply ask for your money back and you’ll get it, simple as that!!

quit smoking