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When you are a pet owner, nothing beats coming home to the excitement and happiness that awaits just on the other side of the door (our outside in the stable)!  These creatures are there for us no matter what and they deserve the very best that we can give them.


petI remember our first dog growing up, Candy.  She had a litter of pups and we named them all different kinds of Candy; Licorice, Tootsie Roll, Gumball, Chocolate! Luckily, they all went to good homes in our community!  Candy lived for many, many years until she was probably 15 or so.  She had a good life and made ours so much better than it ever would have been without her.  When she passed on, it was hard to imagine life without her, but we took comfort in knowing that that she was a happy dog, surrounded by love right up until the very end.

We also had fish growing up.  So many fish in this huge tank; and, we named them all!  Clownpet Fish, Tetra Fish, Shark, Bleeding Heart, there were these two little fish that cleaned the bottom of the tank and we named them Salt and Pepper on account of their coloring.  Oh and my favorite was the Plecostomus Fish or Pleco Fish and we called him Plecki.  My sisters and I used to love watching the fish swim around and the best part was feeding them, oh the frenzy that ensued!  My husband and I purchased fish just a couple years back and I love watching them swim around.  It is truly relaxing…

petAs I am writing this, I am realizing that we had a lot of pets!  We also dabbled for a few years with hamsters and gerbils.  These are great starter pets that can teach kids to take care of something.  Kind of a stepping stone to an animal that requires more responsibility.  You set up their home, feed them, play with them, refill their water, let them run around in their ball…it’s quite entertaining and they are easy to hold when you have little hands.  Whether you decide to graduate to a bigger animal in the future or not, these small, cute, fun loving animals are nothing short of good times!

In high school I had a friend that had a horse.  I had the pleasure of riding him often when we petwent to her aunts house.  What a beautiful animal, and so docile.  He was a sweet horse and I think of riding him often, even after so many years.  I am truly a lucky duck!!

And lastly, early in my 20’s I inherited a Cat name Jack!  I wasn’t a cat person, or at least I thought I wasn’t, until this little ball of fur came into my life and changed my outlook forever!  He was so sweet and fun and we would play for hours on end!  I especially loved his cuddles at bedtime and the nose in my neck wake up calls.


Whatever your animal of choice, you can find something that will suit their fancy right here and at the best prices!