Who Doesn’t Love Bubbles…Bubble Machine!


Last summer, I planned my little girl”s 1st Birthday Party and I went all out!  After all, it was her FIRST BIRTHDAY!  After I had bought everything…balloons, tablecloths, cups, plates, napkins, party favors, you name it!  All I had left to get was BUBBLES!

Yes BUBBLES!  A party is not complete without bubbles.  It doesn’t even have to be a kids party for bubbles to be fun.  They bring true happiness to any event or party.  No one ever expects them and they are so surprised and elated to see them when they rise up and swirl around. Bubbles are truly a happy maker!


I purchased this Gazillion Bubble Hurricane Machine for this particular party and I could not be happier!  The bubbles that come out of this bubblemachine are so many and they last so long!  Not only did the kids run around all silly and everything but the adults took part too!  Everyone wanted to be in this swarm of bubbles that enveloped our party.  Even those that were not part of the party commented and moved in closer to be by these bubbles.

Here is the link to these amazing bubbles, they even come with refills so your first party is super set!  We bought this machine last June and it is now 9 months later and it is still going strong. Sometimes on a weekend, I sit outside with friends and or family, have a drink and let the bubbles dance around us.  It’s so remarkable, yet simple.


You Need This Bubble Machine!!